Samsung Galaxy Launches WSL Global Sponsorship Via Epic ‘Every Day Is Day One’

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Samsung Galaxy’s ‘Every Day Is Day One’ is the debut global sponsorship activation of the Korean conglomerate’s new World Surf League (WSL) – formerly the Association Of Surfing Professionals (ASP).


Promoting the brand in general and the GS5 in particular, it is led by a beautiful online film cel – ebrating the growth of surfing worldwide and re minding everyone that ‘out on the waves, every day is day one’.


The stunning creative is matched to the theme that whoever you are – pro or amateur – ‘the first time you hold a surfboard, the first time you ride a wave, the first time you get barrelled, the first time you win a world title. It doesn’t matter where you are from or how good you are. Every day is day one’.


The film is led by some of the most famous surf pros – catching them in the moments that are rarely revealed: before a heat, after defeat, and waiting for a set while the contest clock is ticking.


It features superstar professional surfers – including Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, Gabriel Medina, Johanne Defay and Mitch Crews.



Samsung Mobile became the first ever global partner of the ASP back in 2014 and this award winning spot is one of a series of films that spearhead its integrated campaign to celebrate surfing together.


72andSunny Amsterdam created the ad which was directed by Mark Molloy, shot by DOP Greig Fraser, with production via Exit Films Melbourne and Smuggler London.




This is a glorious spot from Samsung, the first non-surfing brand to be a global sponsor the ASP.


It deservedly won Film Gold at Cannes Lions 2015.


The film is not just visually beautiful and finely crafted, it also shows how important sound is.


We think that Wave Studios, responsible for adding a vulnerable version of Bowie’s ‘Absolute Beginners’ maybe also deserves a Lion for clever and emotive sound work.




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